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Chapter 1036 – Cold-Faced Hades minister steady
Tang Zhizhong’s manifestation was ashen. He noticed Yu Guang definitely wouldn’t enable Zhou Wen off right after what he was quoted saying. He would capture him 1st before deciding on if he was responsible or not.
Tang Zhizhong was already just a little worried.
Just as Tang Zhizhong was experiencing alarmed, he observed Yu Guang converse from the top of the the city gates.
Is that this actually the Freezing-confronted Hades, Yu Guang?
It’s through, it’s through. It wasn’t simple for Cold-presented Hades to point out goodness and say something gentle. Still, this punk actually wants to the courtroom passing away!
The bureau’s bra.s.s have been surprisingly unanimous. They definitely couldn’t just let Zhou Wen in.
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Yu Guang also obtained another nickname, Cold-presented Hades. Using this nickname, one could inform types of human being he usually was.
“This Mr. Zhou claimed that he could get the bureau for taking sales receipt for many people,” Tang Zhizhong claimed by using a complicated concept while he aimed at Zhou Wen.
The world’s primary pa.s.s wasn’t an empty t.i.tle. In spite of how formidable Zhou Wen was, it was subsequently difficult for him to forcefully enter into Sky Pa.s.s.
As for Shen Yuchi plus the bureau’s very best bra.s.s who have been enjoying anything throughout the surveillance cams, their expression turned very odd.
Regarding Shen Yuchi as well as bureau’s leading bra.s.s who are observing every thing through the surveillance video cameras, their expression converted very peculiar.
Tang Zhizhong’s term was ashen. He experienced Yu Guang definitely wouldn’t simply let Zhou Wen off soon after what he was quoted saying. He would seize him initially before choosing if he was responsible or maybe not.
Even so, to his astonish, Yu Guang transformed even friendlier. His laugh has become substantially more amiable. “The Unique Investigation Bureau is not a law-enforcement corporation. If you truly want to surrender yourself, you must check out the authorities station. Nonetheless, I understand your character. You are a appealing youth and a upcoming pillar with the Federation. You are not the kind of person to do crimes. Would you come across any troubles? For those who have any problems, tell us. The Unique Examination Bureau can be a ministry below the Federation. We have now the burden to solve the down sides for federal citizens…”
Tang Zhizhong’s term was ashen. He felt Yu Guang definitely wouldn’t allow Zhou Wen off soon after what he explained. He would catch him initial before deciding on if he was remorseful or not.
Shen Yuchi naturally didn’t think anything of Zhou Wen’s boasts of surrendering. Even so, Zhou Wen got already reach the bureau. Would he keep so very easily?
“Director-Standard, Zhou Wen is w.a.n.g Mingyuan’s disciple. We will need to be skeptical!”
A center-old male jumped from the truck eagerly. While he ran to Tang Zhizhong, he required loudly, “Old Tang, what’s the specific situation? Would be the bureau ready to take invoice with this batch of products and solutions? When you gifted the instructions, I supplied the things here immediately. How must we all do the handover?”
Shen Yuchi naturally didn’t are convinced anything of Zhou Wen’s assertions of surrendering. Nevertheless, Zhou Wen experienced already come to the bureau. Would he keep so easily?
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“That’s ideal. That Zhou Wen can’t enter into Sky Pa.s.s, so he’s trying to use this sort of option to sneak in. He definitely wants to eliminate us. We definitely can’t let him in.”
Tang Zhizhong was already a little reluctant.
“Director-Basic, you mustn’t allow Zhou Wen in. This must be his scheme to overthrow our bureau,” a director immediately aware.
“He’s coming from the bureau?” Anyone considered Zhou Wen. They found it incredible every time they found how young he was.
Is that this actually the Frosty-faced Hades, Yu Guang?
“That’s right. That Zhou Wen can’t enter Atmosphere Pa.s.s, so he’s trying to use a real option to sneak in. He definitely would like to get rid of us. We definitely can’t let him in.”
The challenge of your s.p.a.ce matches also got to endure Yu Guang, only he was only the reason for one more selection. There were clearly still a lot of officers under him, so Tang Zhizhong possessed obtained no chance to personally examine this matter with Yu Guang.
“This Mr. Zhou said that he can find the bureau to consider sales receipt for people,” Tang Zhizhong mentioned using a challenging term because he pointed at Zhou Wen.
Zhou Wen was actually a wished for criminal from the bureau. Also, he were built with a attach loose-fitting and desired to surrender.
“Director-General, what should we all do?” Yu Guang whispered to Shen Yuchi over the communicator.
“Surrender?” Quite a few question scars made an appearance through Yu Guang’s go.
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Furthermore, Yu Guang was the top of your Typical Matters Department. All sorts of is important on the bureau desired to pass through him.
“No… No… He’s a offender who wishes to surrender…” When Tang Zhizhong spoke, his manifestation turned out to be even unknown person.
“This Mr. Zhou mentioned that he can have the bureau to take invoice for individuals,” Tang Zhizhong stated by using a complex expression because he aimed at Zhou Wen.
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They had been all wanting which they could well be paid off as soon as the things have been well-accepted. They necessary to assist their loved ones.
It may be mentioned that Zhou Wen’s document was placed one of many top from the Federation. It absolutely was graded alongside Jing Daoxian, w.a.n.g Mingyuan, and a few some others. Including the Federation’s Senators’ computer files weren’t as personal as Zhou Wen’s.
As Tang Zhizhong was sensing alarmed, he heard Yu Guang speak from the top of the the city gateways.


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